Setting the "Stage" for the Spring Real Estate Market

01/4/22  |  Rina Kunk

Every House Has A Story

How much is too much when it comes to preparing your house for the spring market?  How much should you do to appeal to current day homebuyers?  A typical buyer (read: a buyer who is not an investor purchaser and is buying for their primary residence) is expecting to be swept away and to fall in love with the property when they visit. Today's buyers have elevated expectations and can feel disappointment at the smallest of defects on a first visit to a home. At Rina Kunk & Co, our goal is to tell the story of the home and help the buyer envision themselves living there. We use the same "luxury" standards for preparation for a $500k home as we do for a $2.5m home. A home purchase is a "luxury" purchase regardless of the price point.  We are selling your "space" not your "taste". We want the buyer to fall in love with your house, not the occupants of the house. From the minute a buyer arrives at your property, they are evaluating and comparing it to what they saw on your online listing. They are looking closely to determine a "goodness of fit" with the space and with their hopes and dreams. 


Our seller clients have one chance to make a great first impression. We work long and hard to make sure first impressions are engaging and make buyers feel inspired to make an offer. 

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